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Jun. 30th, 2011

and now he is unique in all the world.

"My life is very monotonous," the fox said. "I hunt chickens; men hunt me. All the chickens are just alike, and all the men are just alike. And, in consequence, I am a little bored. But if you tame me, it will be as if the sun came to shine on my life. I shall know the sound of a step that will be different from all the others. Other steps send me hurrying back underneath the ground. Yours will call me, like music, out of my burrow. And then look: you see the grain-fields down yonder? I do not eat bread. Wheat is of no use to me. The wheat fields have nothing to say to me. And that is sad. But you have hair that is the color of gold. Think how wonderful that will be when you have tamed me! The grain, which is also golden, will bring me back the thought of you. And I shall love to listen to the wind in the wheat . . ."

The fox gazed at the little prince, for a long time.

"Please--tame me!" he said.

The next day the little prince came back.
"It would have been better to come back at the same hour," said the fox. "If, for example, you come at four o'clock in the afternoon, then at three o'clock I shall begin to be happy. I shall feel happier and happier as the hour advances. At four o'clock, I shall already be worrying and jumping about. I shall show you how happy I am! But if you come at just any time, I shall never know at what hour my heart is to be ready to greet you . . . One must observe the proper rites . . ."

"What is a rite?" asked the little prince.

"Those also are actions too often neglected," said the fox. "They are what make one day different from other days, one hour from other hours. There is a rite, for example, among my hunters. Every Thursday they dance with the village girls. So Thursday is a wonderful day for me! I can take a walk as far as the vineyards. But if the hunters danced at just any time, every day would be like every other day, and I should never have any vacation at all."

So the little prince tamed the fox. And when the hour of his departure drew near--
"Ah," said the fox, "I shall cry."
"It is your own fault," said the little prince. "I never wished you any sort of harm; but you wanted me to tame you . . ."
"Yes, that is so," said the fox.
"But now you are going to cry!" said the little prince.
"Yes, that is so," said the fox.
"Then it has done you no good at all!"
"It has done me good," said the fox, "because of the color of the wheat fields." And then he added:
"Go and look again at the roses. You will understand now that yours is unique in all the world. Then come back to say goodbye to me, and I will make you a present of a secret."

The little prince went away, to look again at the roses.

"You are not at all like my rose,"
he said. "As yet you are nothing. No one has tamed you, and you have tamed no one. You are like my fox when I first knew him. He was only a fox like a hundred thousand other foxes. But I have made him my friend, and now he is unique in all the world."

And the roses were very much embarassed.

"You are beautiful, but you are empty,"
he went on. "One could not die for you. To be sure, an ordinary passerby would think that my rose looked just like you--the rose that belongs to me. But in herself alone she is more important than all the hundreds of you other roses: because it is she that I have watered; because it is she that I have put under the glass globe; because it is she that I have sheltered behind the screen; because it is for her that I have killed the caterpillars (except the two or three that we saved to become butterflies); because it is she that I have listened to, when she grumbled, or boasted, or ever sometimes when she said nothing. Because she is my rose.

And he went back to meet the fox.
"Goodbye," he said.
"Goodbye," said the fox. "And now here is my secret, a very simple secret: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye."

"What is essential is invisible to the eye,"
the little prince repeated, so that he would be sure to remember.

"It is the time you have wasted for your rose that makes your rose so important."

"It is the time I have wasted for my rose--"
said the little prince, so that he would be sure to remember.

(An excerpt from the little prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)

Apr. 11th, 2011

all things bright and beautiful

for You have made all things according to its kind,
each with its own unique beauty,
let me no forget this main motivation behind my project,
and I thank You for looking after me,
just as how You have looked after the smallest of the sparrows in the sky.

Mar. 7th, 2011

let's do this.

this performance nearly set me crying away.

and it's official, i like short guys who can sing, and to sing really well is definitely an added bonus. hahah ofcourse, if it's a short christian guy who can sing, woahhhh! stefano is definitely one of my favorites in American Idol season 10. and when he sang this, totally thrown off balance, it's really good.

and this song is just too suitable for a time like this, sixweeks before final FYP crit!

and i recently sent a msg to a friend who just had his twentyfirst, and i thought i would just share it here, a very wise young man told me before that we always think: what's God's plan for me? am I following God's plan? but the truth is, amidst this, all we need to know is, God has already promised His companionship and guidance no matter the circumstances and somtimes, it's not much of which one's the "right" path, but more of being the "right" person/disciple taking on whichever route (:
definitely a new mental perspective for me when i heard that.

it's my prayer everyday that God will provide us the strength for the full sprint ahead, to all my friends who are in this race with me. that He will lift us up when we need Him the most.

Dec. 2nd, 2010

back to december

and i'll go back to december all the time.
well for me it's probably march lol.

i accidentally posted up my previous entry for vc:up here in the last entry. lol. the project officially ended yersterday! and i could wear whatever i wanted today. HARHARHAR. anyway, looking back this semester have been rather easy-going but due to my bad bad time management of slacking away, reading about taylor swift's life, (like why right, bryan is going to kill me for this cause he hates taylor swift!) so due to my procrastination, turns out that this week was by far, the MOST BUSY and least slept week of the semester when everything is more or less due.
i have turned into a sad workaholic who stares at the computer screen all day, and only leaves the screen during mealtime before going back again, and when i feel exhausted, i just crawl backwards to my couch behind me, lie down usually falling asleep and before long, i'll wake up, sit up and then crawl back to my computer screen and the whole cycle starts again. and because of my suddenly-busy schedule, it has disrupted my exercise regime, BUMMERS. but still, managed to read up, research, analyse and write a critical essay in 5 days. and half of my mograph final assignment in a full day's work. hoorays, couldnt have done it without God's strength!

but on a happier note, i am really proud of myself for not staying over in school at all this sem, not even one night! really happy for this clean record that only happened on my last year in adm. how apt!

so two mods down, four more to go!
settling two more tomorrow though. am going to jump back to fyp work now.

well, the time of the year is here again,
the christmas that i love ((:

with so much joy and warmth! just that this year, sch disrupted its mood abit =.=
historically speaking, christmas is also usually the time of the year when i emo the most.
wells, and i realised for the first time tt, that my mum is starting to get anxious about me being single for so long. sighhhhhhh.

kk ciao everyone!

Nov. 29th, 2010

dropping the bomb with days 21-28

8 in 1 lmaos! HAHAH
desparate times calls for desparate spams of many days in oneCollapse )

Nov. 21st, 2010


The story of Jonah from Corinth Baptist Church on Vimeo by this really gifted girl (: God bless you lil one!


hahha. rainy day today. always gets me emo on a rainy day. was about to post up some sappy emo song about obliviate essentially. like how hermoine cast that charm on her parents so as to whip out their memories of her so as a result, they wld just lived as if she never existed. well sometimes being forgotten is better than hving those thoughts lingering behind your head. but ah well, life is so much more than just thinking abt this kinda sad things and so i posted this instead (:

as everyone know, due to being too lazy to get up and exercise for the whole of this sem, and eating my three meals a day WITH MILO, i am gaining weight! WOHOO yes it's true and i gotta admit it's getting beyond threshold level and the flabs are killing me and so, im starting my regime. monday swims, wed runs, sat runs, with healthier meals, unsweetened drinks and staying off milo for awhile. with once a month where it's my "free" day and i shall go eat something nice (: im praying i will keep up with this though! haha. today's run was not bad (: decided to run from my place out to the canal, two lapse of the run track and then walk home to take in some fresh air, observe some nature and open my senses enjoy God's creation. (learnt to do this from silent retreat! shall share nx time!) ~1hr, ~7km with some priceless reflection time.

anyways, mum let me drive today.
for the going-to-be my third year since getting my license, never really took the car out on my own before due to low self-confidence. but today since my dad's away, my mum asked if i wanna so i took it up :D well was slightly nervous though. and i prayed before starting the engine! sometimes we really need God's guidance on the road cause you wont know whether some car will just come crashing into you! (after watching some youtube vid on car accidents off ben's comp -.-) i think it was probably my first time really understanding what "praying for journey mercy" means. especially when i made a wrong turn, in addition that i was ALREADY rushing down to church, in the midst of "shit"-ing, mounted a curb and scrapped abit of the side! but managed to get back on track and to church 15minutes later. with STRAIGHT (quite!) parking mind you! even gotten a photo of it. thank you Lord! i played classical music off the radio to sooth myself though. and while driving guess you inevitably think about WHAT IF i get into an accident, okay, mum will be completely depressed before telling me to never drive on my own again, and ofcourse you think about death. now, if i die, who will actually be distraught by it other than my parents, siblings... hmm. good question. maybe some close friends, but i guess being single, no one's life will be completely destroyed if i leave.... no "i cant live without you!".... not a really great resolution however, there are my loved ones, and God who definitely loves all of us. and i felt comforted when i thought of that ((:
todays experience was significant, my churchies wanted to go before God giving thanks for me today LOL but being able to drive on my own just makes me more independent then what im already am now.

mingwei and pheonix's wedding was sweet today (:
another couple brought together by God and a celebration of love! always great! and even though i know so well that my dream of getting married eventually is still pretty far away, you cant help but think about what you want to incorporate in your own wedding in the future. SIGH. i actually even have a visual concept for my wedding already and im going to make my sister my first bridesmaid! she's still the best sister anyone can have. and ofcourse i will TRY to not mobilize any of my photog and videography friends no matter how conveniant i think it will be! will rather see them seated and watching. oh well. all so far away. told my sis that she can just marry before me, and in the case if i dont get to use my concept in the end when im convinced to be single forever, i'll share it with someone else and let them enjoy the idea (:
people are talking abt this in uni though. kiyo told me how cui was sharing abt being single and having no one in adm. haha it's been a good three years in adm i should say; i would rather gain friends for life than a life partner! it'll be just another five more months before we leave this place. hahahaha.

and speaking of which, kim was looking at my wallet on friday and she took out a photo which had been buried in my wallet for the longest of time! told her frankly that ya, i still got it in there cause i still cant get over him BUT im working on it! and thinking about this now, it's really cumulating cobwebs in that corner for 5 years and maybe a good start would be to just physically remove it before mentally erasing it off. and so i shall! it's going to take some time...
but it's obliviate-ing slowly!
better slower than not moving (:


this was what i wore to the wedding! AND STILL TYING IN WITH VCUP! officially proud of myself! haha havent uploaded this pic yet but shall do it soon (: visit our journal!


Nov. 4th, 2010

and if we die, we die together

hey go visit our VC:UP community journal! (:
together with all of my other homies who are also in the project! go see their documentations too! and support our cause and donate (:


Nov. 2nd, 2010

and so it begins


day 1 – simple beginningsCollapse )


vc:up photoshoot!
vc:up poster

and i did up my own version! hee, this is like monocle meets muji haha.
anyways this blog is going to be converted to my vc:up update blog for the next 30 days,
i guess i will still try to post official things but yes that will most likely be it!

i think nanci and kelley's comments for interim was rather insightful. the expections of an fyp focused on illustration: it has to be bluuuddy kick-ass good. okay i need to really brush up my drawing and digi-painting skills cause apparently, this illustration (below) is not good enough haha. and to tighten up my scope in the area of the type of music chosen and after doing some formal reading on the elements of music, perhaps a visual-illustration system can be incorporated hmm. i am going to arrange another consultation to my agony aunt michael yay. and whines whines whines. okay shall update UP and go do some digi-painting :D


river flows in you - yiruma

Oct. 23rd, 2010

music and lyrics.

kiyo shared this vid with me
their testimonial is really moving >< their voice is so beautiful that their music moved me to tears. Lord, take me as I am. and i guess this is the power of music, to touch people even when they least expect it because music relates to people in a different level beyond language. you can relate to music even when you dont know what kind of music it is. spirituality. music as narrative, as transcendental, as escapism.
and when music is fused with visuals and illustration, how music can influence and change the way we render things. the strokes, the color palette used, what is drawn and they can start to reveal part of us through what is drawn, just like how music can unveil certain hidden corners in us.
and since young, music has always been part of me, and has touched me in so many ways.

i am just thankful that my fyp involves two things that i love the most in life (apart from God):
music and illustration

it's been ages since i have updated my site here! but fyp is slowly developing and i have started some visual exploration. here are somethings that i have done though (:

working title! i hope the image is self-explanatory abt music, visualisation and illustration haha

im so happy that i can just give the excuse that im doing fyp and just drawwwww (: visual exploration tho. michael has plans for it to develop and 'grow' from here haha. but im going to digitally paint them soon! tiring.
and it'll be great if i can constantly remind myself to always remember God in my fyp, asking Him to guide my hands wherever i start drawing, and hopefully the music that i seek to portray here would at the same time, testify His awesomeness and sing to Him a new song ((:

and i think no matter what,
i cant burn all the bridges : (
because he'll always be a part of me.

till nx time,
stay in His love and stay happy!

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